Turtle Bracelets

Real Emotion


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Braccialetti Squali

A link, with your animal

Protect a shark

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Braccialetti Orsi

One bracelet, one mission

Protect a polar bear

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Braccialetti Delfini

A link, with your animal

Protect a dolphin

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Braccialetti Balene

One bracelet, one mission

Protect a whale

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Original Ocean

Faced with the observation of one of the largest planetary catastrophes, we have created OriginalOcean.it. Our goal, to actively act for the clean-up of the oceans and the protection of marine fauna that suffer more and more difficulty from human activity and its drifts ...

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My animal

Each bracelet allows you to follow your animal's adventures in oceans around the world! Each bracelet comes with a special access link that allows you to know the name of your animal, its history and to follow its movements in the oceans!

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